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FitMom - Improved lifestyle for new mothers


Exercise programs for women after childbirth have numerous benefits for the overall health of women, but also for mutual support among women, change of environment by going to training and quality of social life of women after childbirth. Exercise with your baby or exercise alone; exercise properly.

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Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic

October 2022

A fitness app for new mothers is a helping tool that can improve the quality of every woman's lifestyle. Through the creation of a conceptual plan, this research is slowly reaching the final stage. Therefore, this raport concerns the ideation, conceptualisation and planning process related to the app for fitness for new mothers.
The app called FitMom, as a result of several ideation techniques and collection of data, contextual and technical requirements, is created to facilitate the needs of new mothers, as well as helping them to improve their lifestyles.


The goal is to create the app based on the training needs of new mothers to improve their physical and mental health. With an intuitive UI solution, this app should motivate new mothers to implement physical training and healthy nutrition into their daily routines.

Features like daily diet regimes, warm-ups, workouts, meditation, and different training examples with or without their baby will boost the quality of life habits. The app should be constructed as a useful tool to track daily fitness activities and create a custom diet plan.

Also, the goal of the research is to provide a deeper understanding of:

  • Users (new mothers)
  • Motivation - what motivates new mothers to exercise
  • Training timeline - when new mothers can exercise)
  • The place for workouts - gym, home, group training
  • The importance of the product - Why is important for new mothers to exercise
  • The workflow of the product - how this product can help new mothers to improve their physical and mental health and how the product will work

To ideate a solution I chose a mind-mapping technique.

This technique helped me to connect ideas I have had in my mind, and then to connect them and get a clear picture of the relation between these ideas.

Also, I created an Information architecture diagram (IA) that aims to show the fastest way users complete a task. IA is designed to illustrate specific steps and the path that the user moves through the application, which is logical to the user.


Applying user flow and task flow in the designing process leads to a better experience for the user. The user flow diagram illustrates how users interact with the product through navigation. The task flow diagram illustrates the navigation process of the user when performing a specific task.


Lo-Fi Wireframes  

I started with sketching and creating wireframes. I tried to keep structure technically easy to work with, as the user can easily remember the steps.


UI and High-Fidelity Prototype

The FitMom mobile app features a user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI) designed specifically for busy moms looking to prioritise their health and fitness. The UI combines simplicity with visual appeal, offering a seamless and enjoyable user experience.
The app's UI incorporates a clean and modern design, utilising vibrant colours and smooth transitions to create an engaging environment. The layout is thoughtfully organised, enabling moms to easily navigate through various features and functionalities.
Overall, the FitMom app's UI is designed to empower moms by providing a convenient and enjoyable platform to prioritise their well-being, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


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UX Designer, Researcher

Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic

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