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StrongLifts - Dashboard design proposal


StrongLifts is a company established by Belgium based weightlifter Mehdi. StrongLifts offers valuable information for weightlifters curious about tracking their own lifts and searching for tips for improvement.


Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic

January 2023

Design Purpose, Shared Values and Principles

Nowadays, in the sea of information, it isn't easy to make a selection of those that are relevant. Shared knowledge is a key for a success. Beside the website, availability of the StrongLifts app improves weightlifting, selflessly shared experience and knowledge and thus prevents making classic mistakes in this sport. This is Mehdi's goal. Selfless help and sharing of knowledge and expertise with weightlifters.


Brand Language and Identity

The company deals with sports, weightlifting in particular. Therefore, they use intensive red as a visual communication tool, indicating their strength. Besides red, we can find black, white and grey as foreground and background colours. The website offers not many features but valuable information, blog format, and hyperlinks leading to apps and videos.


I was tasked to reimagine and improve the user interface of the StrongLifts dashboard and make the corresponding design system elements used in the proposal. The layout of the dashboard is built based on the information gathered from the current StrongLifts solution which is completely web-based.


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Jovana Solunovic-Mitrovic

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